Residents' Research Day 2014

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Residents' Research Day - Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fifth Annual Residents' Research Day was held April 3, 2014 in the Griffis Faculty Club. There were 13 oral presentations with 3 winners. The winners of the oral presentations were Dr. Francesca Khani, Dr. Kseniya Petrova and Dr. Cathleen Matrai, who were presented with gift certificates. There was also a Digital Photo Contest that was won by Dr. Carlos Pagan, who also received a gift certificate. Congratulations on your excellent presentations!

Daniel M. Knowles, MD

Carlos Pagan, MD

Daniel M. Knowles, MD, Carlos Pagan, MD, and Sandra Shin, MD

Daniel M. Knowles, MD, Francesca Khani, MD, and Sandra Shin, MD

USCAP Posters

Daniel M. Knowles, MD, Cathleen Matrai, MD, and Sandra Shin, MD